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Good Tippers Mobilize Around ‘Tip the Bill’ Hashtag Challenge

The internet finally coughs up a good meme


Often a source of misery and frustration in 2018, the internet has provided a rare morsel of good news in meme form. It’s called the #tipthebillchallenge, and it encourages diners to post 100 percent gratuity on their restaurant checks, or, to “tip the bill.” This is nice.

Diners across America are posting proof of their good deeds on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and their joy offers a nice social media break from posts about current events. It unclear when or where, exactly, this challenge began, but it dates back at least to March of this year.

Finally a challenge I can 100% get behind!! #TipTheBillChallenge #thankyousomuch #payitforward

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Tipping the bill doesn’t match the high-dollar charitable acts performed by Tips for Jesus, but it is a more realistic way for the average restaurant patron to help out. The do-gooders participating in the #tipthebillchallenge are especially needed in an age when some contemptible diners willfully leave meager tips or choose to forgo gratuity altogether.

“I just don’t feel the need to tip that much,” one anonymous jerk recently told Eater. “I spend a lot on food and alcohol and travel because I enjoy those things. I’ll tip a little bit but I don’t feel like I need to tip a lot.”

Do not act like that person. Please consider tipping the bill every once in a while.

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