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Watch: The Portuguese Chicken Shack Montreal Can’t Get Enough Of

Dining on a Dime heads to Ma Poule Mouillée for piri-piri-soaked chicken and poutine

I’m not sure Dining on a Dime has ever visited a place like Ma Poule Mouillée. This place absolutely cranks — it prints Portuguese-style chicken like the Bureau of Engraving and Printing spits out dollar bills. The line goes out the door onto a block of Montreal’s Plateau-Mont-Royal neighborhood.

It’s all a testament to the quality of the roast chicken here, which comes with a spicy sauce that perfectly complements the salty and juicy roasted chicken. No discussion of this crispy-skinned bird is complete without acknowledging Romados, Montreal’s older, sometimes more beloved version.

Ma Poule owner Tony Alves actually worked at Romados for about 20 years, which translated into this new iteration. It feels young: There’s a constant buzz of excitement as diners file through to get a massive plate of chicken brushed with spicy sauce, or maybe a huge plate of poutine covered in gravy and chicken. More than anything, Ma Poule Mouillée shows that Montreal food can truly be anything it wants to be.

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