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Watch: Marcus Samuelsson Seeks Out the Ethiopian Flavors of D.C.

The chef eats and drinks everything from injera to tej

For the final episode of No Passport Required, chef and host Marcus Samuelsson heads to Washington, DC, where he talks with people in the capital city’s large Ethiopian community to learn more about his own heritage. Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia and lived in the country until he was 4. In “D.C.,” he talks with Ethiopian chefs, business owners, scientists, and others; he discusses his own relationship with the Ethiopian spice blend berbere; and he learns a traditional Gurage dance.

He also eats and drinks everything from injera, a staple Ethiopian flatbread, to the fermented honey wine called tej, plus fuul, a breakfast staple made with dried fava beans, kitfo, a raw beef dish, and much more.

Watch the full episode below or on the PBS website.

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