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Watch: Has This Toronto Bar Improved on the Big Mac?

K-Town visits Odd Seoul to try the burger topped with kimchi hollandaise

Koreans have always taken their love of familiar flavors to dishes where they live and sometimes that means using kimchi on things like poutine and burgers. For Leeto Han — a Korean-American who spent formative years in Philadelphia — it also means taking classic sandwiches like cheesesteaks and employing marinated bulgogi.

Han’s restaurant Odd Seoul is located in a trendy part of Toronto, and it packs in bar goers every night just after it opens. The bar offers affordable beers, cocktails, and more, and Han’s kitchen team is supplementing all of it with reasonably priced food — all tinted with Korean flavors. In this episode of K-Town, I’m trying more than one messy, saucy, cheesy bites; from a squash poutine covered with gravy and mayonnaise to a handful of a burger topped with kimchi hollandaise.

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