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Prince Charles Royally Pisses Off ‘MasterChef’ Fans by Refusing to Eat Anything

The Prince of Wales became the Prince of Fails on an Australian edition of the cooking show

Chris Jackson /Getty

Prince Charles is the next in line to the throne — but if he found out that the throne was full of MasterChef food, he’d shoot straight to the back of the line.

Last night, viewers of the Australian version of MasterChef were shocked to see that the British Royal didn’t eat anything that was served to him during his guest appearance on a much-hyped episode of the cooking competition. As part of a challenge where the contestants were asked to use local Australian ingredients, his Royal Highness was served wallaby tartare topped with green ants, and goat cheese mouse with bush spices, but the Prince of Wales abstained from eating any of the canapés.

This teaser for last night’s episode includes shots of Charles looking at the food with a drink in his hand, and congratulating the chefs on their accomplishments, but there is no actual eating on camera:

Neither Prince Charles nor the MasterChef team commented on the food snub, but fans of the show noticed this strange moment and immediately shared their reactions on Twitter:

Some viewers have speculated that Charles could have been adhering to a secret rule that forbids Royals from eating on camera, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Last summer, unnamed sources told the Sun that the Royal Family typically avoids eating shellfish and any raw meats while out in public for fear of getting food poisoning, so perhaps that explains last night’s MasterChef canapé incident.

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