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Watch: Why Is the South Obsessed with Bojangles’ Fried Chicken?

But the beloved chain is unheard of in the rest of the country

Chefs and restaurants around the country have tapped into the national fried chicken craze in recent years, but a lot of people will still find their favorite iteration at mega chains like Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. A slightly smaller chain with just as vocal of a following is Bojangles’ — a North Carolina-based chain with locations throughout 12 states including North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama.

So where Bojangles’ is unheard of in California and New York, its fiercely loyal fans from Virginia to Tennessee will tell you that you’re seriously missing out. “I would eat at Bojangles’ before any other fast-food place if I had the choice,” proclaims one devoted fan in this episode of Cult Following. No matter their go-to order, all fans will tell you that Bojangles’ is fried chicken royalty, and a little piece of heaven.

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