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The Internet Is Irrationally Hyped About Panera’s Double Bread Bowl

Even though it looks like a doggie dinner bowl


Strip mall soup-and-sandwich chain Panera is gearing up to deploy an audacious new dish that is already making the internet go haywire.

The Double Bread Bowl is an oblong mini-baguette with two hollow troughs that can be filled with either soup or mac and cheese — and, seriously, at least one of these holes should be stuffed with mac and cheese, because enjoying carbohydrates is really the whole point of this dish. The chain’s official announcement about this product notes that it’s “ideal for sharing with your BFF, significant other, or even a co-worker.” But as the crew from Jezebel points out, sharing this with another human would likely be a difficult chore. As is often the case with “shareable small plates,” this creation is probably best enjoyed by one hungry diner.

The Double Bread Bowl will be available in a handful of Philadelphia-area locations of Panera from August 5 through the 31. If the dish is a hit, Panera might expand this two-headed comfort food beast to other markets across America. And judging by the chatter on social media, it looks like diners are already very excited by this new menu item.

Here’s a small survey of what people are saying about the Double Bread Bowl on Twitter:

The Panera team notes that this outrageous new dish will be available “upon request in café and through delivery” in participating stores throughout the Philly area after it launches next month.

Stay tuned for any and all relevant updates on Double Bread Bowl Hysteria in the coming weeks.

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