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Will Italians Be Mad at Starbucks When Its Milan Cafe Opens in September?

Plus, Coca-Cola is raising prices because of Donald Trump’s trade war, and more food news

Two starbucks coffee cups Junko Kimura/Getty Images
  • Starbucks’s forthcoming Milan outpost, the Seattle-based chain’s first cafe in Italy, has marked down an official opening date, reports Women’s Wear Daily. ‘Bucks will make its Italian debut on Thursday, September 6. The locals, who already have a wonderful coffee culture of their own, and who are known to get angry at those who seem to be disrespecting their foodways, aren’t excited about the corporate giant’s arrival.
  • The collective internet is freaking out because, per Food & Wine, a Scottish sweets shop is serving mayonnaise ice cream? Really, though, if buttermilk ice cream is delicious — and it is — a mayo-based frozen treat is probably pretty good, too.
  • When a New Hampshire boy undergoing treatment for leukemia said he wanted ice cream, a local ice cream parlor threw him a huge party, reports WMUR 9 in Manchester. Kudos to Axel’s Food & Ice Cream on the good deed.
  • Esquire chronicles Donald Trump’s long-running obsession with sugary soft drink Coca-Cola. Unfortunately for Trump, Buzzfeed News reports Coke prices are going up thanks to the president’s current trade war with seemingly the whole world.
  • Snooty dining guide Michelin is suing a Hong Kong tour group that takes patrons to the city’s Michelin-starred restaurants. The French organization says the Hong Kong Michelin Tour’s name constitutes a trademark violation, according to the South China Morning Post.
  • McDonald’s Japan is in some hot water with the local government over some misleading ads, according to Sora News. Mickey D’s has a new roast beef sandwich that is marketed as hand-carved, but as one might imagine, the fast food chain is not actually hand-carving its roast beef.
  • Finally, food-truck king Roy Choi chats with Food & Wine about his forthcoming Las Vegas restaurant, Choi’s first outside the state of California. The Cali chef may eventually set his sights on New York City.

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