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Watch: Dinner at This New York Sushi Restaurant Is Part Theater

Chef Nozomu uses elements of kabuki theater to dramatize the dining experience at Sushi Noz

You can almost hear the sound of fish being cut at Sushi Noz, an omakase-only restaurant on New York’s Upper East Side. It’s part of Chef Nozomu’s ethos that a meal at Sushi Noz is not just about eating, but also about theater. To do this, Nozomu and Suhi Noz use elements of kabuki theater to dramatize the dining experience. (Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance-drama known for its stylization and the elaborate make-up worn by some of its performers.)

“Cooking is a composite art,” says Nozomu. “Before chef I am the space producer of this restaurant.” This means the chef is curating everything that a guest might set their eyes on (the interior is lined in wood panels, the flower arrangements are there to demonstrate seasonality), and anything they would smell or hear. “Only then can you properly taste the food.”

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