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Watch: Does New Haven Serve the Best Pizza in America?

Some say Frank Pepe slings the best “apizza” in the country

We’re so obsessed with pizza that the average person eats 6,000 slices of it in their lifetime. Whether that’s classic, floppy New York style slices, hefty slices of Chicago deep dish, or thick, rectangular Detroit-style, pizza is as American as American food gets.

Not so quietly, New Haven has been making noise with its own regional style: a thin-crust, coal-fired Neapolitan pizza that sometimes doesn’t even require cheese. The New Haven style is known locally as “apizza,” and the place you’ll find the most rabid of followings is Frank Pepe — a now-chain that opened its first location in 1925. The icon of New Haven’s pizza scene, Pepe’s still serves its original tomato pie, but ask the locals what they’re waiting in line for and they’ll surely say Pepe’s famous white clam pie.

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