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Watch: An NYC Baker Creates One Very Realistic Polar Bear Cake

Kate Sullivan specializes in creations shaped like animals, cars, and buildings

My fellow cooks have mocked me in the past for my attempts at making French macarons, even wondering if I was instead making Mickey Mouse heads. So I was a little nervous heading into my shift with Kate Sullivan at Cake Power — a New York City bakery known for its hyper-realistic cakes made to look like handbags, car tires, bottles of wine, and record players.

In this episode of How to Make It, Sullivan is walking me through crafting a polar bear cake. The proposed cake is first drafted on a drawing board and stencils are made for every angle, which we’ll use to guide us when it’s time to carve the excess cake to form our structure. I end up spending about eight hours at Cake Power but Sullivan tells me it usually takes a couple days to create one of these cakes. Hopefully her expertise will help me create something that doesn’t look like cake.

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