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Watch: This Massive Korean Chain Wraps Pork Ribs in Melty Cheese

K-Town checks in with the Toronto location of James Cheese Back Ribs

There are plenty of Korean chains that jump across to North America to try and break into the market, and James Cheese Back Ribs decided Toronto was the city it wanted to land in first. In this episode of K-Town, I’m joined by Sang Kim who is helping me dive into this simple, but gut-busting meal of pork ribs slathered with Korean sauce and covered tableside with a layer of melty, gooey mozzarella cheese. It’s strange, sure, but it’s also pretty delicious.

There’s something unique about Korean food culture and how both homes and restaurants like to serve food on the table with a cheap metal butane burner. This also reinforces the communal nature of Korean dining. Kim and I settle into the ribs and talk about the Korean food scene in Toronto, how there’s a shift from the old or “South” Koreatown along Bloor Street, and the more elevated cooking happening along Yonge Street.

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