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Watch: Can a Famous Infomercial Pan Replace All Your Cookware?

Kitchen Gadgets takes on the as-seen-on-TV Copper Chef

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The reviews for the lineup of products under the Copper Chef name are glowing, more than half of them anyway, and one of the most popular items for the infomercial brand is the original deep, square pan that promises to replace all the other pots and pans filling your kitchen cabinets. It’s one of a couple bold claims that Copper Chef makes, made possible by further claims that it’s completely non-stick, not-too-heavy, and “can stand up to the rigors of the hot oven.”

Host Esther Choi is testing the all-in-one wonder — sold in a set for $60 — in this episode of Kitchen Gadgets, putting the pan to the test with four different trials: even heating, non-stick ability, cooking meat prowess, and how it handles making the perfect omelette. “When you make a claim that one pan does it all, I’m already going to be skeptical about it,” says Choi.

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