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Watch: How Legendary Pitmaster Rodney Scott Makes Ribs

The whole hog master has three rules when it comes to smoking meat

The emotions at New York City butcher shop the Meat Hook are mixed as owners Ben Turley and Brent Young jump between excitement and nerves. They’re working with barbecue legend and South Carolina whole hog master Rodney Scott in this episode of Prime Time, and the group is smoking a trio of ribs.

In an electric smoker, racks of picnic (the upper part of the foreleg), belly ribs, and loin ribs are cooking with Scott’s secret spice seasoning that includes paprika. “These are already the best looking ribs that have come out of this smoker,” jokes Turley as the group pulls the ribs out after two hours and 45 minutes in the smoker. “I like a little tug in my rib,” says Scott. “And because I like that tug the loin area is where you’re going to get that bite like pork chop.”

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