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The Definitive Ranking of Apple’s Best Food Emoji

In celebration of the tiny food icons on your phone

A selection of Apple’s food emoji iOS

Everyone is off work and relaxing because it is World Emoji Day, and Apple has just announced a fresh batch of iOS emoji that will soon debut on the company’s mobile operating system. Among the forthcoming food selections are such delicacies as cupcakes, mooncakes, mangoes, and lettuce. It’s a thrilling time for gourmands who prefer to communicate with tiny little cartoons on their computers and mobile devices.

With all of this excitement in the air, a ranking of every iOS food emoji in existence feels appropriate. But turns out, there are a lot of food emoji — more than 100 — and many are quite boring (it’s hard to get jazzed up about Bowl with Spoon). Here, after lengthy, careful consideration, are the top 20:

20. Cup with Straw: Okay, this one is actually bad, because straws are bad now.

19. Roasted Sweet Potato: Upon first glance, this emoji doesn’t have the charisma to be included in such an exclusive group. However, professional football player Vernon Davis’s enthusiasm for “yams, sweet potato yams” is convincing.

18. Lemon: The lemon emoji isn’t all that exciting, but the extremely viral video of a lemon rolling down a hill makes it a must for these rankings.

17. Pie: Pie is better than cake.

16. Peanuts: Peanuts are colloquially known as “goobers,” and “Goober Peas” is one of the strangest songs ever recorded.

15. Hot Beverage: Thank you to @coffee_dad for making coffee so funny.

14. Beer Mug: What’s better than a frothy, ice-cold beer?

13. Clinking Beer Mugs: Two beers, that’s what.

12. Cocktail Glass: There is no need to peruse the lengthy list of craft cocktails at the trendy restaurant that just opened in that new mixed-use development. Order a martini, because it is undeniably the best cocktail.

11. Steaming Bowl: Maybe the hippest food emoji. Ramen has has become a national obsession and inspired some fashionable streetwear, after all. Points deducted because the official “Steaming Bowl” name, which sounds sort of gross.

10. Peach: Everybody knows what this emoji really symbolizes.

9. Takeout Box: Just look at how cool Al Pacino and his Godfather cast mates are in this dinner scene.

8. Cook: Professional chefs should strive to be as cheerful as this emoji.

7. Eggplant: Everybody knows what this emoji really symbolizes.

6. Hamburger: This emoji would rank higher, but we now know beef consumption is terrible for the environment. And though the cheese placement has caused great debate, still, it looks delicious.

5. Pancakes: Another food emoji that looks so good, it inspires a craving. Please pick a local establishment over a stunty chain to satisfy said craving.

4. Hot Dog: Joey Chestnut just ate 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes on the Fourth of July. It’s hard to fathom even typing the hot dog emoji 74 times in 10 minutes.

3. Avocado: A millennial is the author of this blog post.

2. Pizza: Feel-good rock-and-roller Andrew W.K. loves pizza so much, he has an official pizza guitar. That’s enough to vault this emoji to such a lofty position on this list. But, pizza emoji isn’t quite the best of the best... and there happens to be another food-themed Andrew W.K. guitar for number one.

1. Taco: Could it be any other emoji? In the days before America’s activism was directed at more serious matters, this country rallied behind the idea that one should be able to invite a friend to a meal of tacos simply by sending a tiny picture of a taco via text message. The taco emoji became a reality in January 2015, and the world is all the better for it.

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