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Watch: Korean Fried Chicken So Spicy, You’ll Cry

Home of Hot Taste serves some of the hottest fried bird in Toronto

Korean fried chicken is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways that people try Korean flavors and ingredients for the very first time. Up in Toronto, fried chicken is a huge part of the budding Korean community, and Home of Hot Taste serves some of the most notable fried bird in town.

We’re starting with the basics of Korean fried chicken: beer, daikon radish pickles, and of course, lots of napkins. We start out with some sauceless chicken — the best gauge on how well the restaurant fries their specialty. And it’s up the flavor chain from there with sweet, saucy wings that grow increasingly spicy and deceivingly subtle. I’m pretty excited for this first episode of K-Town’s Toronto season because I’m bringing my cousins Ron and Daniel, both Toronto natives, along for some spicy torture.

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