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Baskin-Robbins Is Ripping Off Instagram-Bait Milkshakes

Plus, Dunkin is turning to immigrant workers to combat a labor shortage, and more food news

A Baskin-Robbins location Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Baskin-Robbins
  • Thirty-one-flavor purveyor Baskin-Robbins appears to be ripping off New York City-based chain Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, which is famous for its decadent milkshakes. BR is now serving “freak shakes,” with toppings such as whole doughnuts, cotton candy, and Oreos.
  • Charlie Ayers, Google’s first executive chef, details the tech company’s bad old days in a new book. “I had live bands, DJs, and we bought truckloads of alcohol and a bunch of pot and made ganja goo balls,” Ayers recounts, according to Business Insider. “I remember people coming up to me and saying, ‘I’m hallucinating. What the fuck is in those?’” Sounds like an extremely professional work environment.
  • The Baccarat Hotel in NYC just introduced a $1,500 ice cream sundae, which checks in as the most expensive in America. What makes a frozen dessert so exorbitant? The “bear extraordinaire” comes with a white chocolate shell that is hand-painted with colored cocoa butter, three grams of black truffle crumble (black truffle mixed with 64 percent Manjari dark chocolate), Valrhona Gold cocoa nibs, a hibiscus-champagne sauce, citrus meringue, fondant butterflies, angel-hair sugar strands, and edible gold and silver leafing. Yum.
  • A magician really freaked Drake out with this lollipop trick.