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Watch: Can These Two Butchers Pull Off a Beef Porchetta?

Tradition calls for the entire loin and belly section of a pig

Traditional porchetta is made with the entire loin and belly section of a pig, a crowd-pleasing roast recipe our Prime Time hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young have prepared countless times. At their New York butcher shop the Meat Hook, the duo is attempting something that seemingly no one has done before: a beef porchetta.

Turley and Young’s experiment means they will take the fatty, outer layer of beef and wrap it around the ribeye and NY strip. “What we think we’re going to get is a really nice, tender outer layer of short ribs, and a nice medium rare ribeye and NY strip,” says Turley. It’s a much more difficult task than a traditional porchetta, largely because the cut of beef the duo is dealing with is much larger than the meat one would use to make pork porchetta.

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