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Watch: Build Your Own Japanese Charcoal Hearth on the Beach

Roast shrimp and beef skewers on your next trip to the shore

Not long ago we released a video of a restaurant in Japan’s countryside called Yanagiya, where they use a traditional Japanese sunken hearth known as irori to cook food on skewers. This captivated me to the extent where I am now planning to build a table to recreate this style of cooking at home — but until then I’m giving this a try at the beach.

Unlike everything else we’ve done on You Can Do This, this hack for an irori hearth on the beach calls for little effort. We’re taking advantage of the abundance of sand around us to fill one of those rectangular aluminum pans found at the grocery store to act as our base. By adding charcoal rocks in the center and lighting them on fire, we’re ready to start cooking our beachside skewers.

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