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Watch: Make Frozen Cocktails on the Beach Without a Blender

Boozy slushies and frosés, ready in just a couple of minutes

When pondering recently about the kind of cocktails I want to drink at the beach but can’t bring with me from home, it hit me: slushies. Just think how refreshing a cold, fruity slushy would be at the beach — but also how it would melt by the time you touched the sand.

Using the idea of the endothermic process (where a system absorbs energy from its surroundings), we are going to create a slushy machine with the help of ice, salt, and two zip-top bags. Basically we’re going to attempt — through agitation — to create a hand-held ice cream maker to make frozen rosé within minutes.

Also in this episode of You Can Do This: We’re cutting into a whole watermelon to make a beach cocktail that’s boozy and perfect for summer.

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