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Watch: Using Sand and Hot Water to Cook Dinner at the Beach

You Can Do This hits the shore and ditches the grill with sous vide salmon and asparagus

It’s easy to think of sandwiches and diced fruit when preparing a bag for a day at the beach, and it’s safer to say that sous vide anything is the last thing that’s coming to mind. In this episode of You Can Do This, we’re fighting for a warm meal at the end of a long beach day — a highly over-the-top picnic that serves poached salmon, vegetables, and couscous.

Our method for this boils down to bringing a thermos of hot water with us to the beach and throwing all of our quick-cook ingredients in a bag and letting the hot water do all the work. Lastly, just as vital is a thermal bag which retains enough heat to cook all of our ingredients. Plus: Using the sand to hold your thermal bag in place gives you the freedom to go on about your tanning and swimming.

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