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Watch: Why the NBA Is Obsessed With the Cheesecake Factory

The national chain has become a welcome source of comfort for traveling players

Fact: NBA players are obsessed with the Cheesecake Factory. Ask any of them to count the ways and they might name Cheesecake’s “” brown bread, the chain’s Tex-Mex egg rolls, or the infamous Buffalo Blasts — fried wontons stuffed with chicken, cheese, and Buffalo sauce, served with bleu cheese.

It may seem strange, that an American chain so easily found at the country’s shopping malls would be so beloved for NBA stars, but with at least one location of the Cheesecake Factory found at most NBA cities, players are eager to find food they can rely on. And since players spend 41 games out of the regular season on the road, players can find their comforting favorites whether they’re home or at an away game. An unending, spiral-bound menu and large seating arrangements that match, are just a couple more reasons the NBA’s top players are Cheesecake Factory fans.

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