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Let LeBron James teach us all that hometown ties are strong, but they don’t always determine what team a basketball star ends up playing for. More likely, when players are drafted, they are whisked away to a new city and forced to adapt to a new job, home, fanbase, and local cuisine. No matter the level of athleticism, that move away from home causes some longing, especially for dishes that are served with some comfort.

Welcome to Home & Away — a co-production of the National Basketball Association and Eater that explores how comfort food takes on its many forms for the NBA and its players. For some players, it’s a robust lobster pizza served in their adopted home that reminds them of their childhood. For others it’s the familiarity, and consistency, of a nationally beloved chain that brings respite whether they’re playing a home or away game.

Each episode of Home & Away will discover the personal interests and passions of players and fans both on and off the court — through the lens of food.