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Watch: The Best Cuts of Meat for a Backyard Barbecue

Sage advice from two butchers on how to feed a crowd with cost-effective cuts for the grill

Putting together a menu of meats — and vegetables — for grilling can quickly bring barbecue price tags up; but asking your butcher for cuts like pork shoulder chop will bring those down. “People always want to sell you the most expensive parts,” admits the Meat Hook co-owner Ben Turley. As always, Turley is joined in this episode of Prime Time by his co-host and co-owner Brent Young, and the duo is sharing their favorite moves for throwing the best backyard barbecue while also getting the most for your money.

“It’s way cheaper to buy a whole chicken rather than buying pieces of breast or leg,” says Young, who also recommends spatchcocking the chicken — cutting out the backbone so the bird can lay flat and grill evenly. The duo is also into cuts like sirloin tri tip and top cap, the latter a less tender cut that Turley says is perfect for slicing thin and using for tacos.

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