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Watch Queer Eye’s Fab 5 Descend Upon the Tiny Town of Yass, Australia

Netflix just released a surprise mini-episode of the makeover show

As a bonus for fans of the lifestyle revamp show Queer Eye, or perhaps as a teaser for people who haven’t yet checked out this critically-acclaimed series, Netflix just released a 20-minute mini-episode about the Fab 5’s journey to the Australian town of Yass. It’s a fitting location because, as anyone who’s watched Queer Eye knows, the lifestyle experts — and particularly grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness — love saying “yass” whenever things are really moving in the right direction.

The guys are here to help a farmer named George get a fresh new look, and reboot a dowdy pub in town called the Club House. Food expert Antoni Porowski shows one of the owners of the bar how to make fancy toast with brioche, sautéed mushrooms, cream cheese, and, because this is Australia, Vegemite. Like most of Antoni’s recipes, this is a pretty straightforward dish with just a few gourmet embellishments.

“The big thing about food is that people often think it’s this pretentious thing, but it really doesn’t have to be,” Poroswki says to the camera. “It can be really, like, beautiful and humble and respectful to the local area. And that’s my goal with this tapas platter, even though tapas is Spanish... we’re going to make Australian tapas.”

Interior designer Bobby Berk gives the sad little pub a brand refresh by stripping the space back to some of its original elements and bringing in more rustic furniture. At the end of the clip, farmer George shows off his new look inside the revamped pub, and everyone is impressed by both of the style transformations.

Even though it doesn’t quite reach the emotional depth of a regular episode, this YouTube-only short is an amusing addendum to the Queer Eye catalog. For more on what to expect from this Netflix hit, check out Eater’s guide to Season 2.

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