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Watch: The Process Behind New York’s Iconic Spicy Noodle Dish

The hand-pulled noodles at Xi’an Famous Foods are a rise above the rest

On the list of addictive New York City dishes the spicy cumin lamb noodles from Xi’an Famous Foods sit pretty on a pedestal. The noodles have been dubbed iconic, heralded for being a rise above other hand-pulled noodle dishes, and are an easy favorite of Prime Time hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young.

In this episode of the meat-forward show, the duo is joining Xi’an’s co-owner Jason Wang who is sharing the process behind the dish — starting with butchering the lamb, a common protein across Xi’an’s menu — even showing Turley and Young how to hand pull noodles. The dish calls for shredded lamb chuck and shoulder which get mixed with rice wine, garlic, ginger, onions, peppers, and a whopping 30 different spices. “The shoulder is the perfect cut for it,” confirms Young. “It has texture, it’s going to go well with the noodles, and it stands up to that spice.”

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