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Watch: How Salty, Chewy Taffy Is Made by Hand

How to Make It visits Brooklyn’s Salty Road to stretch and pull pounds of taffy into 1,400 pieces of candy

My day at Brooklyn’s Salty Road was a dream come true — spent in a candy factory making salty and sweet taffy. I got to see that one of America’s most nostalgic candies is still being made the old-fashioned way: pulling 7- to 20-pound pieces of soft, chewy taffy by hand. Salty Road owner Marisa Wu bypasses the use of flavored oils and dyes, instead choosing to use fresh ingredients in every batch.

Banana taffy? Wu roasts fresh bananas until they are deeply caramelized and the flavor is concentrated. Once the taffy mixture has settled, she adds a generous sprinkling of crunchy, flakey sea salt to ensure a perfect sweetness and a bit of salty crunch in each bite. This episode of How to Make It allowed me to see what a hands-on production looks like from a candy maker’s perspective.

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