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Watch: How a Master Creates a Roman Gelato Favorite

The Eternal City is not just about pizza and pasta — there’s also Fatamorgana Gelateria’s pistachio gelato

Rome is definitely all about its pizza and pasta, but it’s just as fanatical about cold and creamy gelato. Known as a master, fairy, and hero of gelato — Maria Agnese’s love of the dessert could easily be described as obsessive. When Agnese was young and all of her friends were playing with toys and goofing off outside, she dreamt about making gelati and one day having her own shop. When she finally opened the first Fatamorgana Gelateria in Rome, she left behind careers in acting and teaching.

In this episode of Dining on a Dime: Rome, Agnese is showing me how she creates one of her favorite flavors at Fatamorgana: pistachio gelato. Agnese describes her pistachio gelato as “green like the meadows,” a color yielded by using Bronte pistachios — better known stateside as Sicilian pistachios — that are smaller, more rich, and almost more purple than they are green.

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