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Big Boys Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un Ate Ice Cream During Their Working Lunch

Plus, a minor league baseball team in New York is now called the Pizza Rats, and more food news

Donald Trump answers a question while departing a press conference following his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
“And I had two scoops!”
Win McNamee/Getty Images
  • United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had a meeting in Singapore earlier this week, with Trump admiring the dictator’s “great personality” and calling him “very smart.” The two held a working lunch and dined on delicacies such as shrimp cocktail with avocado salad, pork fried rice, and, of course, ice cream. Trump presumably ate two scoops. Here’s a peek at the lunch menu:
  • The FIFA Men’s World Cup, the quadrennial soccer tournament that is considered to be the biggest sporting event on the planet, kicks off Thursday in Russia. With the U.S. failing to qualify, American fans need a backup rooting interest. SB Nation put together a quiz that will choose a country based on one’s dining preferences.
  • Remember Pizza Rat? A minor league baseball team in Staten Island is changing its name to the Pizza Rats this summer. The corresponding merchandise is sure to make the team tons of money.
  • West Coast burger icon In-N-Out temporarily closed all of its Texas locations on Monday due to an issue with its buns. The company says it was a quality problem, as opposed to something having to do with food safety.
  • The diner from Goodfellas, where Henry Hill realized his old pal Jimmy Conway was going to put him on the hit list, caught fire on Monday. No one was injured.
  • In Portland, Oregon, the Food Innovation Center is a place where food designers are constantly coming up with new flavors and textures. Here’s how they do it.
  • Starbucks and Chase are partnering on a line of prepaid debit cards, which seem to be aimed at people who can’t or don’t want to get the companies’ credit cards. Customers can use the new cards anywhere, and every purchase earns Starbucks reward stars.
  • Digital payment company Square will pay $2 million to settle a lawsuit that claims tips from its Caviar food delivery app did not actually go to the drivers.
  • Finally, a graffiti artist is spray-painting avocados all over New York City. As if housing prices in the Big Apple weren’t already exorbitant enough.

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