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Watch: Making Salt for NYC’s Fine-Dining Restaurants

How Amagansett Sea Salt Co. turns 100 gallons of ocean water into sea salt

Salt is the foundation of cooking. It is a building block of texture and color, and most importantly, it provides the consistency of flavor that most diners look for in a restaurant meal. Even more magic happens when you use it to finish a dish, allowing the guest to crunch down on the crystals, creating a flavor experience that’s been enhanced even after the cooking is done.

In this episode of How to Make It, I gather ocean water by hand along with Amagansett Sea Salt owner Steven Judelson, who shows me how to turn it into some of the most delicious finishing salt I’ve ever had. It was an immensely gratifying day spent outdoors, starting at the beach in the early morning and ending on an outdoor salt farm. I appreciate Judelson’s unwavering need to do this the more difficult, time-consuming way.

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