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The 9 Best Food Stories of May

Publix’s censored cake, why restaurant drama “Sweetbitter” is surprisingly good, a chopped-salad controversy that rocked New York’s food scene, and more

a selection of men’s and women’s la croix bathing suits Public Space

This week on the Eater Upsell podcast, we tackle the biggest food stories of May.

Disney’s once-dry Magic Kingdom in Orlando now serves alcohol at all of its restaurants, and we disagree on whether or not this is smart or desperate.

Social media manager Adam Moussa breaks down the Publix Summa - - - Laude cake scandal and delights in saying dirty words at work.

Editors Serena Dai and Monica Burton catch us up on the latest Mario Batali news, including the 60 Minutes investigation and the shuttering of his Vegas properties.

We muse over why people are so concerned about the Mondelez purchase of beloved local cookie maker Tate’s.

Pop culture editor Greg Morabito calls in to talk about the new show Sweetbitter and The Chew’s cancellation.

Editor Stefanie Tuder shares her outrage over salad chain Just Salad’s decision to halt its a la minute chopping policy.

And we answer the questions “Was the food at the Royal Wedding too on trend?” and “Are LaCroix bathing suits a good thing?”

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