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Watch: Chicken That Deserves as Much Love as Steak

French chef Antoine Westermann is on a quest to educate diners on the finest poultry

Prime Time hosts and butcher shop owners Ben Turley and Brent Young are used to people talking about the fat cap on a piece of steak, or caring about how long sirloin is aged for, but note that no one seems to pay the same attention to chicken. On the hunt to change all that is acclaimed French chef Antoine Westermann of Le Coq Rico, an offshoot of his bistro of the birds in Paris.

“When I came to the United States the first time, I took two years to find the best chicken,” says Westermann. “Not only in the U.S. but in the world.” The search lead Westermann to five different breeds of chicken, which range in their origin from New Hampshire (fattier), to Lindsborg, Kansas (cornish hen, diet similar to grass fed beef), and Bloomville, New York —guinea fowl, aged 130 days. “For me, when I want to have the maximum pleasure, I will have the guinea fowl,” says Westermann.

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