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Moneybags Mnuchin Brings $22 Bottle of Wine to Kushner Rendezvous

The political allies split a bottle of moderately priced red on Sunday afternoon

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Obscenely wealthy Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin (who’s reportedly worth $300 million) rolled up to the D.C. crib of stupendously rich White House senior advisor Jared Kushner (family fortune: reportedly $1.8 billion) this weekend with a $22 bottle of wine in his hand. The John Oliver doppelganger had a clandestine meeting with Trump’s son-in-law, who clearly didn’t mind the choice of libations, as evidenced by the big hug he gave his cronie when he showed up on his doorstep looking like a rumpled version of Steve Jobs after a trip to BevMo.

The bottle of 2015 Arbalest Red Bordeaux Blend suggests that Mnuchin is one of those rich people who is weirdly thrifty — but maybe purchasing mid-priced red blends is precisely how the guy holds onto his $300 million fortune. Wine critic Jeb Dunnuck describes this bottle from Napa Valley winemaker Benoit Touquette as “full-bodied, ripe and rounded, with a sexy, opulent style, lots of mid-palate depth, and a great finish.” Sounds delectable.

It’s unclear why the two members of Trump’s inner circle were meeting yesterday, but perhaps the financial guru wanted to reassure Kushner that he was not “disposable,” as Trump’s new lawyer Rudy Giuliani suggested on TV last week.

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