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Watch: Meet the Professional Ballerina Who Trains Restaurant Staff

A plie can help front-of-house staffers properly move about the space

Former ballerina and rhythmic gymnast Rachel Cossar spent many years dancing professionally, most recently for the Boston Ballet. But since leaving professional dance two years ago, Cossar has been applying her years of training to local restaurants — teaching servers and other front-of-house staffers how to properly move about a restaurant.

In this episode of How to Make It, Cossar is schooling me in the basics of ballet technique, from plies to proper posture — and if you know anything about me, it’s that my experience in fine dining service is limited to the back of house. That means my workspace is often confined to a well-hidden kitchen, where body language and poise are not top priorities. With the help of Cossar, I’m learning about the intricacies behind walking through a crowded dining room, presenting a bottle of wine, and dropping a plate at the table.

Special thanks to Les Sablons in Boston.

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