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Cheesecake Mom’s Rant About Vague Customer Goes Viral

Do you want the cake or not, Ginger?

Cheesecake photo via Flora Dee’s; Kim photo via @adrienne_BC

Running a cheesecake business out of your home kitchen sounds like a dream — that is, until you have to deal with impossible customers like Ginger. This mysterious cheesecake lover placed an order with Kim Copeland, the proprietor of a Pittsburg, Texas-based bakery operation Flora Dee’s, and then proceeded to drive the baker nuts via a series of confusing emails. Kim’s daughter, Adrienne, shared a video of her mom’s rant about Ginger that’s now lighting up Twitter (you might want to put those headphone on for this one):

In the video, Kim explains that she’s happy to hold the cake or drop it off to Ginger — even though the customer is “in the country” for the weekend — but she needs a straight answer. “Do you want the fucking cheesecake?” Kim asks. As she demonstrates by opening the fridge, which is full of other people’s cheesecakes, Kim is a busy baker, and now she’s wasting time “going back and forth” with these “stupid messages.”

The video, which was originally shared on Saturday, has now been viewed over 3 million times.

Shortly after the original rant went live, Kim also filmed an apology for using so many F-bombs, while also wondering if this viral video could ruin her chances of someday running for local office:

According to Adrienne, this brush with viral fame has actually been a good experience for her mom, who has been selling cheesecakes since 2014. “I think for the most part she loves it, but both of us were overwhelmed at first,” Adrienne explains in a DM to an Eater editor. “Her Instagram blew up after an account on there posted the video (with credit to her IG) and she was getting message requests nonstop. At the same time though, she was reading every one of them out loud to me and saying ‘awwww’ a lot because people have been so kind.” Apparently, most of Kim’s clients are on Facebook, so they likely haven’t seen the video yet.

Yesterday, the baker hopped on Twitter over the weekend to thank her new fans, and spread some positivity:

And, as it turns out, Kim also found a home for Ginger’s unclaimed cheesecake:

Additional reporting by Adam Moussa.

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@FloraDees2014 [Twitter]
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