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Watch Guy Fieri Impart His Burger-Eating Wisdom to Jimmy Fallon

Thursday’s episode of the Tonight Show also featured a burger-centric segment with Cate Blanchett

The Platinum Prince himself, Guy Fieri, stopped by the Tonight Show on Thursday to school Jimmy Fallon on the proper way to eat a hamburger.

In the clip above, Fieri employs a technique called “the Hunch” which involves removing the toothpick that holds everything together, pushing down on the top party of the burger, and putting both hands underneath to “cradle” the buns before lifting the meat up to your face. After Jimmy takes a crack at the Hunch, the celebrity chef and late-night host head out into the studio audience — which is entirely full of service men and women — to hand the rest of the monster burger off to a hungry Marine.

Is there anything more American than Guy Fieri giving a gargantuan pulled pork burger to a Marine at the kick-off of Memorial Day weekend? Probably not.

In another segment of the show, Fieri also reveals that he’s working on a “where are they now” special tied to Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that will track how restaurants that have been featured on his hit Food Network series have grown since he visited them. It’s going to be called Triple D Nation.

And earlier in the night, Oceans 8 star Cate Blanchett orchestrated a blind burger taste test for Fallon involving an egg-topped Australian-style burger and a vegetarian creation from NYC’s Superiority Burger. In the clip below, Blanchett and Fallon also head out into the audience to feed the Fleet Week crowd:

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