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Watch: How a Glass Master Makes Iconic Neon Signs for Restaurants

How to Make It visits Brooklyn Glass to demo glass blowing

“I don’t think people realize that these aren’t being mass produced,” says Katie Pickens about neon signs during her visit to Brooklyn Glass — a Brooklyn-based glass blowing factory that specializes in making neon art. Co-owner David Ablon notes that neon recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary, but it’s only recently that new restaurants have embedded the trend into their designs.

In this episode of How to Make It, Pickens — who has held just about every role in the kitchen from dishwasher to sous chef — is carefully studying Ablon before taking a stab at making her own neon signage. It’s a process that takes a lot of careful steps, but when done correctly can “last a very long time,” according to Ablon. “Now all we have to do is see if it lights,” jokes Ablon.

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