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Pork Roll Ice Cream Is the Ultimate New Jersey Delicacy

Breakfast meets dessert in this sweet-and-salty hybrid

Postcard photo via Getty/Found Image Holdings Inc; Springsteen photo via Getty/Ebet Roberts; pork roll photo via Jersey Pork Roll; ice cream photo by Robert Sietsema.

A dairy farm in the Garden State has cooked up what might very well be the supreme New Jersey junk food: pork roll ice cream.

The sweet-and-salty-treat from Windy Brow Farms in Fredon Township incorporates bits of the processed pork product that’s commonly called “pork roll” in southern New Jersey and “Taylor ham” in the northern section of the state. To cut the salinity of the Taylor ham, the Windy Brow dairy farmers are also adding maple syrup and bits of French toast to the mix. Windy Brow’s managing partner Jake Hunt apparently thought that an all-pork-roll ice cream would be “gross” without the undercurrent of sweetness.

yes, we went there • the first flavor to be released in our | Only In Jersey | Collection is TAYLOR HAM + FRENCH TOAST • join us for it's release party this Saturday on the farm!

Posted by Windy Brow Farms on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Before it gets mixed in with the ice cream, the Taylor ham is cooked in an oven and pan-fried to caramelize the meat, then it’s topped with cinnamon and sugar. Each two-gallon carton of ice cream will contain around two and a half pounds of crispy pork roll bits. This unusual specialty is part of an “Only in Jersey” line of products that will also feature blueberry-, sweet corn-, and “tomato pie”-flavored ice creams that will be available throughout the state this summer.

New Jersey residents famously love both old-school ice cream parlors and greasy pink breakfast meats, so odds are this new concoction will be a huge hit.

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