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April’s Five Biggest Food Stories

Christina Tosi on Chef’s Table Pastry, White Castle’s surprisingly excellent Impossible Burger, McDonald’s crazy new HQ, and more

Photo: Christina Tosi / Facebook

This week on the Eater Upsell podcast, we tackle the biggest food stories of April.

Christina Tosi drops by to share her thoughts on the brand new pastry season of Chef’s Table and to address the controversy around the show’s lack of female representation.

Eater restaurant critic Ryan Sutton discusses why the VC-backed Impossible slider works at downmarket chain White Castle but not at higher end restaurants and whether or not it’s actually the future of fast food.

Eater Chicago’s Ashok Selvam calls in to talk explain why the newfangled McDonald’s in the chain’s giant new HQ is such a big deal.

Restaurant editor Hillary Dixler discusses why so many critics have reviewed the reopening of Copenhagen restaurant Noma and whether or not it’s the appropriate thing for regional critics to do (considering they don’t review any other international restaurants).

And, Dan and I find a fun twist in a story about a Pennsylvania teacher who was suspended for serving his students pancakes during an exam.

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