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Anthony Bourdain Digs in to Uruguayan Cuisine on This Week’s ‘Parts Unknown’

Plus, lab-grown beef may soon be as cheap as traditional meat, and more food news

Anthony Bourdain sitting in a restaurant in a clip from the Uruguay episode of parts unknown CNN/Parts Unknown
  • This week on Parts Unknown, jet-setting former chef Anthony Bourdain heads to Uruguay, where he finds a progressive nation in the midst of social change. Tony B is joined by Uruguayan chef and restaurateur Ignacio Mattos, and the two tuck into a variety of cuisines: homemade Italian fare, drive-thru steaks, and traditional asado. Along the way, Bourdain learns that Uruguay’s reputation for meat-centric cuisine may be changing. Parts airs on CNN this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. Get a sneak peek at the episode via the clips below.