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Watch: Is Cheesier Mac and Cheese Actually Better?

You Can Do This revs up the childhood staple to 11

For mac and cheese fanatics, the cheese component is usually the bigger sell. So in this episode of You Can Do This, I’m crafting a recipe that yields the cheesiest mac and cheese out there, to decide if cheesier means better.

Tried and true mac and cheese recipes call for milk and flour, two ingredients that can dull the flavor of cheese. So if we eliminate the flour completely, and reduce the quantity of milk — the flavor of the cheese will become more pronounced. To achieve this we’re using something you’ve seen in other episodes of You Can Do This: sodium citrate, an additive that will turn even hard cheese into a creamy, smooth cheese sauce. Still, for this experiment we’re using trusty cheddar cheese for both the new recipe and the tried and true version.

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