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Watch: Crafting Rome’s Best Porchetta Sandwich

Dining on a Dime heads to Er Buchetto, where the recipe for crispy, herbed pork is six generations old

Er Buchetto’s name translates to “little hole,” a reference to the fact that this Roman sandwich and wine bar is just a step above being a hole in the wall — so tiny that we could barely fit our crew inside to shoot. I remember when I first saw it from the outside, falling in love with an exterior that perfectly captures what I imagined a small, rustic, family-owned Roman shop would look like.

The speciality here is porchetta, and aside from wine and a couple antipasti dishes, it’s all they serve. At Er Buchetto, porchetta is a religion — where the barrel-shaped pork roast stuffed with liver, herbs and covered in crispy pork fat is sliced and placed on a simple white roll. Helping me break into this hearty meal is Eater’s travel editor, Lesley Suter.

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