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Watch: Techniques to Make the Perfect at-Home Burger

You Can Do This hacks the humble cheeseburger to enhance flavor, eliminate soggy buns, and end slippery lettuce slides

I’m particularly excited about this episode of You Can Do This because it tackles one of my favorite foods: the cheeseburger. What I’m about to propose is highly subjective, but I’m going to create the perfect burger by playing with a variety of different techniques. We’ll play with every little step of the burger-making process — from bun to patty, lettuce to sauce, and cheese to char — in hopes you’ll find a technique or two that solves your at-home burger quandaries and yields a better, juicier burger.

In true You Can Do This fashion, these are not your normal cooking tips, but more so little-known techniques that change the game. If you’ve ever wanted to top a burger with your favorite hard cheese, or been frustrated with the infuriating slide caused by wet lettuce on a burger, this video is for you.

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