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Watch: Does the Instant Pot Beat a Traditional Pressure Cooker?

Testing the internet’s favorite appliance against its stovetop counterpart

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Seen as one of the year’s hottest gadgets, the Instant Pot has become quite a staple in home kitchens around the United States. That’s because it does it all — pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, sautéing and browning, yogurt making, and steaming — easily, and in a shorter amount of time compared to other appliances.

But is it worth it? And do you need to invest in the gadget over a classic pressure cooker? On this episode of the Kitchen Gadget Test Show, host Esther Choi is taking the $100 Instant Pot for a spin, testing it against a standard pressure cooker that retails for roughly $50 to $70. For the task, Choi is making a beef stew to see if the smart, all-in-one Instant Pot can beat out the pressure cooker in timing and quality.

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