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Watch SNL’s Food Network Parody ‘Gospel Brunch’

Kenan Thompson, Leslie Jones, and Amy Schumer cook up some heart-clogging comfort food

On last night’s SNL, the late night comedy show introduced audiences to fictional Food Network stars Traci and Pervis Scott — played by MVPs Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson — who cook calorie bombs on a gospel brunch-themed program that includes a six-member choir and a deacon/announcer.

“It seems like there’s a new case of diabetes or heart disease every week around here,” Traci says at the top of the sketch. “Well, I don’t know where it could be coming from,” Pervis replies. He then goes on to explain that the episode will feature recipes for “our honey-buttered fried pork casserole, and Traci’s famous four-cheese mac and cheese with bacon and tater chips.”

Their first guest is a chef from Arizona (played by Cecily Strong) who took “Southern cooking and added an Asian twist,” but she gets booted from the set after revealing that she’s an atheist. Then the second guest, a chef named Kayla Manic (played by host Amy Schumer), comes on the show to share some tips from her book Eating Healthy the Southern Way. “A great way to eat healthy is to make a smoothie,” Kayla says. “If it’s through a straw, it’s healthy — and that’s a fact.” Her smoothie recipe involves blending up some ice, pouring in some milk, and adding an entire pecan pie.

At the end of the segment, Traci and Pervis sing a tribute to all of their friends and family members who recently passed away due to health-related issues. “Butter, salt, pepper, bacon, mayonnaise, stuffing, and cheese, put it all in a turkey for Jesus,” they sing. Watch the sketch from last night’s SNL in the video above.

SNL [YouTube]

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