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Millennial Couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will Have Food Trucks at Their Wedding

Plus more (rumored) details on the royal reception

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend an official photocall to announce their engagement WireImage

Like the good millennials they are, Prince Harry and his lifestyle influencer-turned-princess bride Meghan Markle are planning a wedding reception fit for Instagram.

Which is ironic, given it’s unlikely that Instagram or any other social media or press will witness it. As it stands, details about the royal weddingcoming to a TV near you on May 19 — are hard to come by, and glimpses inside the reception itself will be even scarcer. (A single reporter will be allowed into St. George’s Chapel for the actual wedding, and presumably none for the private reception lunch and dinner later.)

But that hasn’t stopped rumors from filling the British press from “insider” leaks, particularly about the food. Based on official pronouncements and insider intel, let’s count the exhausting ways in which Harry and Meghan’s wedding will be just like that wedding you went to in Connecticut last June. [This post will be updated as more details emerge.]

Late-night wedding food trucks will be pulling up in Windsor.

According to an “exclusive reveal” by the Express, Meghan and Harry’s reception will end with late-night snacks, including “ice cream vans” at 2 a.m. Though shockingly, these wouldn’t be the first royal wedding food trucks: Prince Harry apparently convinced his brother to have them at his own wedding in 2011. “Prince Harry was said to have insisted that bacon and sausage sandwiches were available later in the night,” reported the Telegraph. “An ice cream van was also said to have been hired to provide an alternative dessert.” How... hipster.

(No word on whether there will be a superfluous brunch the next morning that guests will have to attend while still full from afterparty food.)

The after-party will have a Tiki theme and a vodka ice luge.

According to the Mirror, food trucks are just the start. The reception at Frogmore will also be full-on Tiki-themed, modeled on one of Harry’s favorite nightclubs, Mahiki. Guests can expect “a steel band” and plenty of drinks, including something called “apache shooters” and vodka luges carved from ice. Tiki bars — so hot right now.

As for the daytime food, prepare for BOWLS.

Yes, bowls have made their way to the palace, where the prince and Meghan will treat their guests to a daytime luncheon on the grounds of Windsor Castle after the ceremony. The palace states the menu will be “led by the freshest produce available” (that’s veggie-forward for us plebeians); additionally, the Daily Mail’s royal correspondent reports it will be served as “trendy bowl food,” meant to be eaten while milling around.

The report doesn’t specify grain bowls, but there are some things in this world of which I am certain, and that is that Meghan loves a good grain bowl.

Centuries-old fruitcake is out, elderflower and fresh flowers are in.

Breaking with tradition, Harry and Meghan have eschewed the classic British wedding fruitcake, as served by Harry’s parents and aunts and uncles and grandparents before him, for something more on-trend (and more appetizing). It will be a lemon elderflower cake with “the bright flavors of spring,” according to a surprisingly detailed Twitter thread from Kensington Palace, “covered with buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers.” (At least it won’t be a naked cake, a wedding trend that peaked around 2016.)

Baker Claire Ptak at Violet Bakery in East London
Baker Claire Ptak at Violet Bakery in East London
Getty Images

The couple’s embracing “sustainable” and “seasonal” California vibes.

To bake this floral confection, the couple chose of the trendy organic Violet Bakery. Ptak and her bakery are located in East London, but she’s actually from California, grew up in the Bay Area, and spent three years working as a pasty chef at Chez Panisse. Unsurprisingly, Ptak shares the royal couple’s values of “food provenance, sustainability, seasonality, and most importantly. flavor” and has a very good Instagram. For her recent book launch, she collaborated with Los Angeles restaurant darlings Sqirl and Gjusta.

According to Kensington Palace’s Twitter thread, Meghan actually interviewed Ptak on her now-shuttered lifestyle site, the Tig (the only part of which surprises us is the fact that Kensington Palace actually brought up the Tig).

So will there be kale? Probably.

Meghan’s love for healthy California cuisine is well known, first from her lifestyle site, her stint as a Chopped Junior judge, and now from the press. “Harry cut out junk food after he met Meghan, who loves to eat ‘lean, clean, and green’ foods,” writes Katie Nicholl for Vanity Fair. He’s “suddenly got super healthy,” according to a friend, and now starts the day with a “vitamin-infused green smoothie.” Meghan has said she likes blending “apple, kale, spinach, lemon and ginger in my Vitamix in the morning,” so you get the idea.

What else might pop up on the menu? Just look to this extremely in-depth, 1,000-word “as told to” article written by Meghan herself in 2012, which runs through her favorite foods (hummus! kale chips! quinoa!) and basically doubles as a list for restaurants attempting to thirst-trap millennial diners.

Basically, expect kale and other virtuous greens (microgreens? ramps??) on next week’s wedding menu.

The caterer is hashtag-worthy.

Make that elevated kale. According to the Telegraph, Meghan and Harry have hired Table Talk Catering, a fancy London caterer who did Prince William and Kate’s wedding as well as Pippa Middleton’s. As “one of London’s most talked-about caterers and wedding planners,” according to Vogue UK, the firm creates artfully plated dishes at elite events at the likes of the National Portrait Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Hampton Court Palace.

But that doesn’t mean they’re above a good hashtag — or 12 — as evidenced by the caterer’s Instagram (#friyay, anyone?). Perfectly fitting for a former lifestyle blogger bride.

There could even be mason jars.

Another oh-so-millennial trend Table Talk is not above? Jars.

All this wedding talk got you as exhausted as your latest “hey ladies!!” wedding planning thread? Take comfort in an indulgent treat Meghan would never approve of: Dunkin’ Donuts’ sugar-laden, frosting-covered royal wedding donut.

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