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Watch: Why Fire Makes Better Short Ribs

Chef Norberto Piattoni makes a case for Argentine asado

Not unlike Texas and barbecue, Argentina’s asado is considered an event just as much as it is a style of cooking. The worshiped tradition means that meat is cooked with the help of a parrilla and an open flame; the meat, no question, is short ribs.

“Short rib is a cut that doesn't have too much use or when you talk to someone they think braising is the only option,” says Norberto Piattoni, the chef or Brooklyn’s Metta — a restaurant where all of its ingredients are cooked over an open flame. “But in Argentina it’s our main cut of meat,” adds Piattoni. “When you talk about asado with friends the first thing you do is buy a pound of short ribs.”

In this episode of Prime Time, Piattoni is showing hosts Ben Turley and Brent Young three different preparations Metta is using to for short ribs, all using an open fire.

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