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Watch: Slicing Into Cheesy, Wagyu Beef Kielbasa at a Michelin-Starred Restaurant in NYC

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The charcuterie staple was instrumental to Gramercy Tavern’s whole-animal butchery program

In this episode of Prime Time, hosts Brent Young and Ben Turley visit their old friend Paul Wetzel at the Michelin-starred NYC restaurant Gramercy Tavern. Wetzel, a charcuterie master, talks about how the restaurant’s large-format kielbasa — made with Wagyu beef — was instrumental to the fine-dining spot’s whole animal butchery program.

“This is probably one of the first value-added products that we started making here when we decided that we wanted to have a charcuterie program,” says Wetzel, describing the Gramercy Tavern beef and pork kielbasa studded with raclette cheese.

After tasting the kielbasa, Turly marvels at the “amazing product” created from “what would otherwise be scraps,” he says. “That speaks a lot to what the mission of this place is, and it’s amazing.”

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