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Watch Chadwick Boseman and Friends Sing Their Restaurant Complaints on ‘SNL’

Four jazzy diners explain what was wrong with their meal

There’s an art to complaining in restaurants, and clearly, Chadwick Boseman and his pals have mastered the medium in this sketch from last night’s SNL.

The segment begins with a table of four diners — played by Boseman, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong, and Kenan Thompson — at a somewhat fancy restaurant telling their waiter that they’d like to speak with the manager. When the manager comes over, the customers start singing a jazzy song about their meal. “The salad was cold and the tuna was hot,” the girls croon. “The chicken was hot and the water was cold,” the guys warble. They then begin listing all the things they ate, and Boseman finishes the song with a guttural cry of “Oooohhhh yeah.”

The manager and server are perplexed since the song actually didn’t sound like a complaint at all, but then the four jazz singers launch into the second part of the tune about the bad service from host Angelina. “She sat us all the way to the back of the place,” Strong sings. “She rolled her eyes and she had a frown on her face,” McKinnon adds. “She refused to give us a seat till our party of four was complete,” the guys explain. And, to cap off their complaint, Boseman finishes with another spirited cry of “Oooohhhh yeah.”

The host, whose name is actually Angela, not Angelina, stops by the table to explain why she was in a bad mood, and the jazz singers deliver up yet another song — but this one is actually an apology that ends with Boseman singing, “Oouuurrr bad.”

Watch the jazz singer perform all of these ridiculous songs in the clip above.
Restaurant Complaint [YouTube]