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New England Travel/Food Show ‘Weekends With Yankee’ Returns This Sunday

Clams, lobsters, and blueberry cobblers for miles and miles

A clambake from Season 1. Richard Wiese and Amy Traverso are on the right.
Weekends With Yankee

Weekends With Yankee, an easygoing travel and food series produced by WGBH Boston, returns for its second season on many PBS affiliates this Sunday, April 8. Amy Traverso, the senior food editor of Yankee Magazine, hosts the show along with self-proclaimed “modern-day Indiana Jones” Richard Wiese. She covers all the good things to eat throughout New England, while he showcases the nature activities available to thrill-seekers in the area. Last season, the duo embarked on trips together, but an announcement about the show notes that they are going on “separate journeys” now that will be “woven together to create the ultimate New England road trip.”

Traverso is one of America’s foremost experts on lobster rolls and pretty much every other dish that New Englanders hold near and dear to their hearts. In Season 2, she’ll be connecting with chefs like Colin Lynch, Evan Mallett, and Brendan Pelley to see where they like to eat and shop when they’re not cooking. Traverso will also demonstrate how to make New England staples like Maine blueberry cobbler and lobster chowder (the recipes will appear on the show’s homepage), and she’ll meet with acclaimed artisan food makers.

The first episode of Season 2, “The End of the Line,” will feature Traverso exploring a costal farm in North Haven, ME. She’ll also cook with the local bounty in the kitchen of the island’s acclaimed restaurant/inn Nebo Lodge. Check your local listings for exact air dates and times.
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